Tattoo Training Courses In Udaipur

Have you always been enthusiastic about tattoos and found the concept of putting ink on the skin very fascinating? Do you wish to become a famous tattoo artist and make it big in the inking world? If yes, then Ink Rider Tattoos is where you should be because we provide an extended Tattoo Training course and you will be a pro once you are done with the training. We have some of the most experienced tattoo artists who will teach you the art of tattoo making Course detail. Ours is the only place where you will be a certified tattoo artist.

Our Tattoo Training Courses In Udaipur is the most popular and if you search online with Tattoo Training Courses In Udaipur, you will find that Ink Rider Tattoos is the leading trainer for Tattoo Making Courses. We have been in this business for many years now and in addition to tattoo making we also provide Tattoo Training Courses In Udaipur Online. There have been lots of requests where we were asked to remove tattoos and although we did provide the service, there was no training given because of insufficient tools. Now that we have everything ready, we ask everyone to join our Tattoo Training In Udaipur and see how wonderful the sessions can be.

Learn from the best Tattoo Asrtists

Learning tattoo making or tattoo designing is not easy at all and not everyone can provide the best training. However, when you are with Ink Rider Tattoos you can be rest assured that you will get the best lessons here. Our Tattoo Artist Training lasts for 4 month wherein the first month is consumed in explaining the basics of tattoo making and the ethics involved in this art. Slowly, but steadily you will be taught about the intricacies of tattoo designing and the four month course will also include Tattoo Training Courses In Udaipur also. So, at the end of the course you will not only learn how to draw tattoos, but also how to set the machine. One thing is for sure; you won’t have a boring time once you enroll with Ink Rider Tattoos for Tattoo Artist Training.

Tattoo Artist Training in Udaipur

  • Basics and ethics of art and its value.
  • Fundamentals of drawing.
  • Introduction to tattoo art.
  • Basic Understanding of tattoo process.
  • Introduction to tattoo equipment.
  • Observation of live tattoo.
  • Understanding of lights/shadows in drawing.
  • History/evolution of tattoo art.
  • Introduction to different types of tattoo art.
  • Introduction to hygiene system and its process.
  • Basic machine set-up.
  • Observation of Live Tattoo.
  • Understanding of perspectives in drawing.
  • Understanding different types of needles.
  • In-depth session on hygiene process.
  • Introduction to different types of tattoo machines.
  • Hands on tattooing on artificial skin.
  • In-depth session on needle configuration.
  • In-depth session on mechanism of different types of machines.
  • Hands-on: Lining.
  • Configuring machine set-up as per the tattoo requirement.
  • Instructional session of Live Tattoo