Tattoo Artist in Udaipur

The art of tattoo making is not easy at all. It is not painting on paper that you can erase and get it done once again. Permanent tattoos are like a statement and we at Ink Rider Tattoos are masters of getting you inked. We have the Best Tattoo Artists In Udaipur and we take our customers as individual challenges so that we can excel our performances every time. You need not find our website directly because if you search online with Tattoo Artists In Udaipur or best Professional Tattoo Artist In Udaipur, there will only be one name on top and that is Ink Rider Tattoos

We are proud of the artists we have because they are genuinely good and experienced when it comes to tattoo designing. From realistic tattoo to 3D tattoos to portrait tattoos, whenever you are in need for something unique to be inked on your body, we are at your service.

Experience matched with class

One of the things about providing tattoo making services to people is how easily it can be done. We all know how painful the entire procedure can be, but that is when experience comes into play. Since we have the team of Best Tattoo Artist In Udaipur, we can confidently say that you will not be under any pressure or pain while your tattoo is being done. Our Tattoo Artist In Udaipur and designers make the process painless and you will never know when the tattoo is complete. We have worked with some of the most complicated designs and not to mention the portrait tattoos that take hours of work, yet we have never got a single complain about being unprofessional or the customer has been hurt or felt uncomfortable in any way.

Professional Tattoo Artist in Udaipur

Ink Rider Tattoos is like an epitome for tattoo designing and we have a female team as well with the leading Female Tattoo Artist In Udaipur working with us. When you come to us with the hope of getting inked by the most Famous Tattoo Artist In Udaipur, we deliver exactly what you want.

Rajveer Singh

Hi, I am Rajveer Singh. I am a Tattoo Artist from Udaipur. For about 6 years. I started out by getting all the equipment I needed and doing free tattoos for friends, talking to different people who have experience, talking to people on the internet and trying to improve my tattoos.

My greatest inspirations come from working with people as I want to make their dream tattoo become a reality. Eventually I got work in a studio, not the best one, but the only place I could work without experience.

There I got to meet people and afterwards I was more confident. Now I have own tattoo studio (Ink Rider Tattoos) in Udaipur. I am very creative. I love my work. I have a steady hand. I am dedicated about my work. Tattooing is my passion. I love tattooing different styles.